Large-scale design in a small-scale space

Location: Opglabbeek

in cooperation with PCp architects

The opportunity to co-define the face of a village centre with a large-scale complex in a small-scale space. A place where public functions and quality living go hand in hand.

Residence Schansbroek was a challenge – which we gracefully accepted – right from the start. We incorporated it seamlessly and in harmony with the existing surrounding structures. Yet, we also gave it a unique identity by means of protrusions in the façade and a large floating element on the first floor.

A building that effortlessly combines public functions with a sophisticated residential environment. Where privacy and quality of life for everyone matters. With special attention to senior citizens, by making every room wheelchair-accessible.

Residence Schansbroek provides a mix of housing units, from small over medium-sized to large. It can evolve at the pace of its residents’ life by flexibly envisioning potential future adaptations in the building structure. Intergenerational connection is something we are truly committed to.