Architecture that seduces. Enriches. Connects.

At Drieskens & Dubois we fearlessly redefine spatial efficiency and we bridge the gap between emotion and reason.

Always from an unexpectedly inspiring perspective. Unique and stripped to its bare essence. Authentically intelligent. Impressively intimate.

Didier Appeltans [architect partner]
+ 32 497 15 27 05

Jos Dubois [CEO]
Didier Appeltans [architect partner]
Bram Nickmans [architect partner]
Tom Geubbelmans
Kathleen Mertens
Dimitri Daniëls
Luk Schevernels
Katja Leyssens
Jente Luts
Duygu Ozel

Brecht Bosmans
Bregt Bogaerts
Steffi Thijs
Jos Valkenborgh
Kirsten Noest
Michael Pouders
Ellen Dubois
Nina Gielen
Denis Vananroye

Modern villa – Lanaken
Luxury apartments by the water – Hasselt
Modern office in old monastery – Malle
Green residential housing project – Diest
Office mansion – Antwerp
Spacious villa – Hasselt
Contemporary apartments – Bilzen
Inner city experience – Tongeren
Repurposing history – Hasselt
Highly functional industry complex – Genk