Repurposing history

Location: Hasselt

Originally built as a monastery in the 17th century, it turned into a hospital, museum and courthouse in the following centuries. Saying that this building has a rich history is a monumental euphemism.

Fast forward to 2020, it is currently a hotel. One with ambition, as befits a building with such a track record. We were asked to draw a complete redesign of the interior. We fully committed to an authentically intelligent style.

From top to bottom, we wrapped the old guesthouse in a modern version of the bohemian style. With the atmosphere of yesteryear and the comfort of today. With fitness, wellness, meeting rooms and a restaurant that corresponds with a covered indoor patio. The total package provides a five-star experience at the edge of the city centre.

A brick lump of history, which still makes people happy after 400 years and after surviving a WWII bombing: an extraordinary feat!