Luxury apartments by the water

Location: Hasselt

From forgotten corner to visual stand-out. A radical transformation that we worked on with passion, pleasure and craftsmanship. Sky9 is now both the gateway to the prestigious Blue Boulevard and a resting point in our hectic capital.

The biggest asset of these luxury apartments? Hard to say. Perhaps the inspiring view of the harbour from a spacious and sun-oriented terrace? Direct access to the new hotspot in Hasselt? Or simply the comfort of a high-quality, vast living space?

Call us quirky, but we enjoy the details just as much. For example, we opted for polished concrete. The glittering effect on the water surface adds a touch of magic to the facade. At the back we opted for a facing brick that blends seamlessly into the cityscape. The whole building towers above a cosy, green courtyard. A perfect balance between emotion and reason.

Sky9 is the kind of project that makes our brain tingle, albeit in a pleasant manner.