Green residential housing project

Location: Diest

A conflicting desire. On the one hand, the modern person likes to live in a soothing bubble of green. On the other hand, they want to be close to a city centre. That’s why we designed this residential housing project. Unique, but with an eye for spatial efficiency.

And we don’t hold back. We drew the complex in a trapezoid-like shape. As a result, each apartment has a terrace with a phenomenal view of the water. And the location of the underground garage is adapted to the trees. This way, their roots are given space to drown the whole in green.

Our conscious choice for four separate apartment blocks provides a wealth of light and space. Because we find this important. The stylish alternation of wood and decorative plaster in the facades create a permanent holiday sentiment but at the same time, it provides a feeling of coming home.

Impressive but intimate. This housing project is full of contradictions. And all this within walking distance of the city centre.